BGTEEVER Vintage Šiks O-veida kakla Džemperis Sievietēm Argyle Pleds Adīšanas Topi Gadījuma Zaudēt Silts Adīts Džemperis Sieviešu Rudens, Ziemas 2020

€13.04 €26.09

  • Sezona: Rudenī,Ziemā
  • Vienuma Tips: sieviešu džemperi džemperi
  • Materiāls: Akrila
  • Apģērba Garums: Īss
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: BGTEEVER
  • Piedurknes Stils: Regulāri
  • Modelis Tips: Argyle
  • Preci: Sieviešu Trikotāžas Džemperis
  • Vecums: Vecums 18-35 Gadi
  • Slēgšanas Tips: NAV
  • Modeļa Numurs: BY2008
  • Materiāla Sastāvs: kokvilnas akrila
  • Technics: Datoru Trikotāžas
  • Stils: Ikdienas
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Apkakle: O-Veida Kakla
  • Piedurknes Garums(cm): Pilna
  • Apdare: NAV
  • Biezums: Bieza (Ziemas)

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The sweater is a miracle, the height of 163 lengths is normal, very soft and not prickly.
Shobak Palthania
A good warm jumper for the winter, the knitting is dense knocked down. The color is slightly different from what the photo is not presented, but it is not a trouble, it didn't make him any worse. Really warm, looks very gentle at the same time. The only thing on the growth of 171 sleeve Butt, even said Short, uncritical but still, someone can do it. The model itself is wide, under filling, but at least as you can, as you please, looks good. The length is optimal, I was afraid that it would be short, but no, everything is fine. Washing did not change his appearance. Delivery about a month)
I took my daughter, she really liked it. Quality norms, but a lot of synthetics
I really like the sweater, I order the second one, for height 168 the length is good
A sweater of good quality, but the second one would not order, it seemed very wide and rude to me.

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