Vazzling VG V5 XL Stila 32,5 mm CSDD tvertne 1.4 ml pulverizators vape mods Elektronisko Cigarešu

€18.95 €19.95


Dziļums 32.5 mm

Augstums 66.5 mm

Platums 32,5 mm

Tilpums 14 ml

Produkta Svars 145 g


510 vītņu savienojumu;

32,5 mm kopējais diametrs;

316 nerūsējošā tērauda konstrukcija;

PEI pilienu gals;

14ml sula spējas;

PEI tvertne (32.5*35*32.5 mm);

Plašāka klāja viegli spole ēkas;

Regulējams apakšējā gaisa plūsma;

Vītni augšējā vāka top uzpildes;

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Paketē Iekļauts

1* Vazzling VG V5 XL Stila 32,5 mm 316SS CSDD Rebuildable Tvertne Pulverizators 14ml

1* Pirms satītas Stieples

1* Iepakojums Piederumi

  • Materiāls: 316SS
  • Dziļums: 32,5 mm
  • Platums: 32.5 mm
  • Jauda: 14 ML
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Vazzling
  • pilienu padoms: PEI pilienu padoms
  • Augstums: 66.5 mm
  • Modeļa Numurs: 32,5 mm CSDD
  • Saderīgs Modelis: 510 vītne vape mod
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Spoles Veids: Nomaināms

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10 days to UK. This is my 2nd. Have been using 1st one for a few months, and like it a lot. Clone is good quality. I do not have the original, so cannot compare, but it is very well made. There are 2 issues, but due to the design, not manufacturing quality. The ultem section is very hard to unscrew, so you end up taking the whole tank apart, when trying to remove the build deck. Also, it is hard to get it not to leak. Wicks needs to be thinned out well. I close the juice flow control if I will not be using it for a while. If left open, I find it leaks a bit, however I wick it. Build deck is quite small for the size of the tank, but big enough to take at least 3.5 mm coils. I like how it vapes, flavor and vapor production is good. I like that it's a large tank, holds over 10 ml, but single coil, as those are rare. Air flow is maybe a bit more restricted than you would expect. But I like that.. Excellent, prompt service as always. Recommend product and seller.
Super fast and smooth delivery. Fantastic RTA.

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