TIMEMORE B22 Black Mirror PAMATA elektronisko mēroga pārlejiet espresso kafijas mēroga smart skala automātiska Laika Virtuves svari 2kg

€47.39 €94.78

Šī ir jaunākā versija no B22 ar iebūvētu automātisko laika režīmā


Black Mirror Pamata Kafijas un Espresso Skalas Silikona galvas spilventiņu USB USB-C chargin kabelis Īpašnieka rokasgrāmatā Garantijas Karte

  • Mēroga Tips: Digitālā
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Modeļa Numurs: Black mirror PAMATA melns
  • Iezīme: Mini
  • Materiāls: Plastmasas
  • Barošanas Avots: Akumulators
  • Forma: Kvadrātveida
  • Precizitāte: 0.1 g

Tagi: atlikums timemore, smart home, kafijas ciparu skala, virtuves orgānu, lampas led, kafijas espresso automāts, Mēroga, timemor, ciparu skala, lui kafijas.

Andre Zui
Scales are excellent! :) I have been using for several months, without problems and complaints. The charge lasts for a long time, and the recharging process itself is quite fast. Pleases that the scales are charged via Type C cable, and do not require a change of batteries (we save nature and our time :)). They look neat and minimalist. Delivered safely and safely, packed well-even the box did not crumble. Thank the seller :) Went long enough as stuck in customs for 2 weeks. When I was worried, I wrote to the seller and he promptly replied that everything was fine. Sent a screen with tracking parcel. In any case, they came within the maximum time frame, although they were late from the expected date. In general, the goods and service are happy. Recommend :)
Duende 37
Fast shipping! Excellent quality!
Zorro M N
It’s good. It looks nicer than my previous coffee scale but the scale’s booting time is slower than my previous scale. Also, I placed the V60 metal on different parts of the scale and there’d be a different of 0.6 grams. I’m also able to use my other scale with various modes (ounce, mL, etc). This comes with a rubber mat on top as well. It looks very clean and neat. No buttons or text at all once you remove the plastic. Not bad for the price given how it looks. It’s rechargeable so if it loses battery you can’t use it asap vs my other scale in which I simply change the rechargeable battery. Good to have two scales— you never know when one breaks down.

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