Kpop Jaunu Bangtan Zēnu Jaka Plīša Mētelis Sievietēm 2020. Gada Rudenī Un Ziemā, Jaunu Korejiešu Stilā Brīvs

€46.60 €49.05

  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Modelis Tips: Drukāt
  • Apkakle: Spilvena Apkakli
  • Apdare: Caurums
  • sastāvdaļas saturs: 81% (ieskaitot)-90% (
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: hpeiypei
  • Piedurknes Garums(cm): Pilna
  • Kapuci: Jā
  • Veids: Regulāri
  • Piedurknes Stils: Regulāri
  • Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Apģērba Garums: Regulāri
  • Biezums: STANDARTA
  • Vecums: Vecums 18-35 Gadi
  • Sezona: Ziemas
  • Stils: Piepilsētas
  • Slēgšanas Tips: Atvērto Valdziņu
  • Modeļa Numurs: kpop109
  • piedurknes garums: garām piedurknēm

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Im so happy it arrived so fast and it’s like the Original so im totally happy with it. Thanks a lot.
The colour is more of a rusty than pink colour. It’s a lot shorter than the one on Jimin in the picture, not very soft, doesn’t fit properly, zipper gets stuck. The back “LOVE” logo isn’t stitched on but placed on with some type of material. Not worth the high price IMO. Especially with the very slow and expensive shipping. Positives are that there is a BTS logo embroidered on the sleeve.
The order is exactly the same as the photo, the quality of the fabric is very good, it covers very well from the cold, arrived long before the estimated time to Mexico, In the photos I upload you see a very clear tone but in real life it's the same tone than the one in the seller's photo, I ordered a size M normally I'm C but it looked great, I'm very satisfied with my purchase, thank you very much.
Foster John966
not 1:1, so don't expect the same they sold at the house of b+s. jacket is warm & quality is good. the love logo is a bit different from original one but only noticed if you look close & really know. only thing I really don't like is the b+s logo on the sleeve because it is not the same as seller shows, logo is too long & thin. I am happy with it but not over the moon if you know what I mean.

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